Big Data Services

With ever growing data channels and device proliferation, data generation is increasing exponentially in volume, variety and complexity. At BFTT technologies, we understand the importance of tackling these Big Data challenges in order to manage data from these disparate sources by implementing technologies that help aggregate, integrate and validate data to provide meaningful insights and real time business value.

Our expertise in Big Data technology implementation allows companies to focus on revenue maximization as well as improving operational efficiencies.

BFTTT Big Data Service Providers

Take one step ahead to efficiently manage and decode ginormous amount of business data emerging out from e-commerce, web logs, various business transactions, call records, social media etc. with BFTT technologies. Our broad spectrum big data service covers consulting, implementing, big data service
providers and supporting services that outclass everyone.

Quality Consulting and Planning

  • Defining architecture and productive assessment of the same
  • Big data benchmarking and prototyping
  • Corporate level strategy consulting and capacity planning
  • Technology platform evaluation
  • Consulting the ideal and suitable platform

Provisioning and Automation

  • Installation and configuration services of Hadoop solutions, especially for new environment

Big Data Development Services

  • Customized application development based on MapReduce Programming
  • Algorithmic data development and modeling
  • Data map developments including reduce code, custom code development

Big Data Implementation

  • Providing social media analysis or web log analysis based on robust platforms like Hive, Hadoop, etc.

Meta data management

Visualization and analytic services covering text mining, statistical programming.

  • Big Data Management And Support
  • Real time preventive maintenance support
  • Secure backup and data recovery
  • Robust data administration
  • Policy management support

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