Business Analytics

Our engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our Business Analytics consultants to provide insight and advice to clients, using techniques such as visual process simulation, optimisation and scheduling, system dynamics, data mining and segmentation, forecasting and statistical analysis. This increase customer engagement and grow revenue profitably.


  • BI Assessment: Capture existing business needs, evaluate all aspects for business applications such as application process, technology, requirements & infrastructure, identify the problem and provide roadmap for its solution
  • Design Data Model: Deciding the data source and a complete data model of end solution. Designing the entire solution
  • Extract, Transform & Load: Implement a method to copy the data from multiple input data source, clean it and insert it into data ware house
  • Data Warehouse: Design & Implement the data ware house which contains historical data from multiple databases
  • Data Mining: Extraction of patterns from data warehouse
  • Enterprise Reporting: Generating static, dynamic reports and displaying it in an interactive way e.g. Dashboard
  • Performance Management: Test and deploy the BI application in the organization, check and optimize the business performance across the enterprise
  • Predictive Analysis: Perform Advanced analytics on intelligent data. Analyse the data, identify the current trend and predict the future trend
  • Maintenance & Support: Feature enhancement, bug fixing, up gradation, migration analysis and technical query support

Our Implementing Technologies

Business Analytics Services

  • SAP Business Objects
  • SAP Predictive Analysis
  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP Dashboard
  • Tableau
  • Qlikview
  • Lavastorm
  • Pentaho
  • Artificial Intelligence