Salesforce is a leader in the field of CRM cloud computing and customer relationship management. Salesforce development has been revolutionized by customization through reputable consulting companies such as BFTTT. We provide end-to-end salesforce customization to help businesses not only grow but evolve and focus as well.

BFTTT provide its services to companies from start-ups to established players forms the core of our expertise. From development to deployment, we are the right choice for your business because we ensure:

  • Functional and technical customization that facilitates existing processes and personalization on Salesforce CRM solutions
  • Meeting specific business needs to improve efficiency, effectiveness and streamline business processes
  • Advanced automation through Salesforce custom app development features
  • Full benefits of web services from Salesforce to integrate with third party apps ensuring secure data communications
  • Reliable and scalable integration for any Database, ERP, Data warehouse and much more for any organization

With BFTTT Salesforce CRM software implementation your organization will get quality information about how competitors in the industries are performing and where you stand. Business lead generation by our customized Salesforce software is ideal for companies targeting phenomenal sales revenue.

One of the most important decisions is to find a business intelligence tools to answer any customer query on new or developed products and services. Using data from this dynamic customized CRM software, you can get a clear picture of consumer preferences and market behavior.

From upselling and cross-selling to managing orders and forecasting, there is no match for customized Salesforce solutions from BFTTT. Learn how to sell your brand well with tailor made Salesforce customization and integration from BFTTT and watch your sales revenues increase drastically.

With the increasing market demands and rise in business, the consumers’ needs have thrusted towards adoption of new technologies. The expansion of any business is solely driven by customer satisfaction and is regarded as the staircase towards revenue generation.

The manufacturing companies make an account of the needs to smoothly run the entire process in lieu of increased competition in the market whereas the automobile industry is required to nauseate the desires of the customer applying efficient management of resources to meet the needs of the users.

The finance industries have a tough time providing the required services along with maintaining their fluidity at the resource level. It is every business need to create leads which after assistance of CRM application is further converted into revenue driven opportunities. We will provide you with the best solution to achieve your goals.

 Services offered.

BFTTT as a Salesforce implementation company we provide services focused to drive optimal result as per the client`s needs. With a team of dedicated and skilled certified professionals they work towards customization along with expertise in all Industry.


For customers who need to get accustomed with the functionalities of the Salesforce in lieu of their firms prevailing workflows, we are there to assist you all the way to achieve your organization goals


We work towards providing seamless trustworthy and secured means to integrate your legacy CRM to Salesforce.


Our dedicated salesforce development team will work with your company to migrate your current legacy CRM to Salesforce.


We will continue to provide administrative functionalities such as Site Templates, Login Setting, Trust IP Range, Profile Setting etc.

Benefits of Salesforce.

  • A better understanding of business along with predicting sales.
  • An enhanced service to customers.
  • Elevation in the success rates, in lieu of social intelligence.
  • Working with various sales and marketing unit under a single head.
  • Provide real time vision of the activities of their teammates.
  • A platform to outsource your companies Moto in public.