BFTTT is a leading provider of data warehouse systems and services. Built on SAP, Oracle , Microsoft , IBM and SAS. In Our offering includes developing a data warehouse strategy that aligns with your long term goals, building the data warehouse, developing import routines, uploading historical data, writing of reports and providing ongoing support.

With the explosion within the technology sphere, Organisations are creating more structured and unstructured data than ever before. At the same time, the current aggressive business environment requires us all to achieve more with fewer resources.

Top executives want employees to make better data-backed decisions however they struggle to access the right information at the right time, and often do not have detailed analytics capabilities. So in reality, many decisions are made on gut-feel instead of accurate strategic, tactical or operational insights. This results in suboptimal outcomes and increased organisational risk.

Better Insight into Your Organisation.

Our approach to obtain a better insight into your organisation is to consolidate all your organisation’s CRM, financial, production, sales etc. data into a single repository, called a data warehouse. Data from legacy can be included too.

A data warehouse system is a database that is designed for the combination of high speed reporting and efficient long term storage. It is a foundation for business intelligence and reporting systems by providing easy access to appropriate data.

Data warehouse systems typically comprised the following components:

Staging Area: Data from existing organisational systems is standardised and cleansed before being uploaded into the main data warehouse. All inconsistencies between the various operational systems are eliminated from the data during this stage.

Data Storage Warehouse: Main data store for all historic and current data from all systems. It may include Master Data tables (eg chart of accounts, company structure etc.) for consolidated reports.

Data Marts

Large data volumes may be rearranged in Data Marts to provide reporting and analytical capabilities for specific business units.

Analytical Cubes: Warehouse and Mart data is pre-aggregated in high-speed cubes. These are similar in concept to having numerous excel pivot tables, run for the most common reporting parameters. As a result, reports are quickly generated.
Calculation Dictionary: Although not part of the architecture, a calculation dictionary defines the formula, methods and sources of data used to calculate organisational KPI’s and metrics. It aids consistency and accuracy of organisational-wide results, enabling a Single Point of Truth.

Data Warehouse Services

BFTTT provides end-to-end data warehouse services. We have excellent capabilities and a depth experience in developing and maintaining data warehouse solutions built on Microsoft platforms, SAP, Oracle, SAS, IBM and software. Our policy is to design fit-for-purpose data warehouses based on industry standards that are flexible, fast, and robust with minimal ongoing maintenance.

Reporting Services

We develop a full robust reporting solution on your Data Warehousing solution. Some of the front-end reporting tools of choice are Qlikview, Business Object, Power BI, Cognos, Microsoft OLAP. However, BFTTT qualified and certified consultants will help you make decision on the most cost effective solution that best fit you company landscape.

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